Do you wish to develop your career or leadership as an educator? We organize

 1) Tailored On-campus Studies in Oulu, Finland

Finnish Education System, Teacher Training Schools as part of research-based Teacher Training, Curriculum Design,
Learning Spaces, Design Methods for Education, Modern Learning Environments – those are some example of topics
we want to share with you. During your stay in Oulu you will meet Finnish principals, teachers, researchers – and certainly 
follow lessons in some of our teacher training schools.

2) Job Shadowing.

Stay with us in Finland, and learn on-the-job in various tasks, tailored for your needs. This is a great opportunity to develop
your career and leadership.

3) Tailored On-site Consultancy.

Want to initiate a modern Teacher Training School in your country? Want your school or institution to be evaluated by
the Finnish Education Experts? We are pleased to help you!

In-service training can be organized in co-operation with the Faculty of Education, Oulu University Extension School, and the City of Oulu.

Visits, tuition and fees – contact us today!

Dr. Kari Kumpulainen
kari.kumpulainen (at)