Oulu University Teacher Training School in a nutshell


Oulu University Teacher Training School (Oulun normaalikoulu, “Norssi"), is one of eleven teacher training schools in Finland. More than 1100 pupils and 600 student teachers, together with 120 staff members form versatile, skilled and enthusiastic educational society. Our school is a Unesco school where internationality, equality and tolerance are promoted.

We educate pupils to independent thinking, initiativeness, responsibility and co-operativeness. We also provide high-class education with the aid of the latest information technology.

According to our administrative rules we have four principal roles: 

  1. To organize free, high level basic education in comprehensive school and in general upper secondary school (senior high)
  2. To organize concurrent pedagogical training and educational courses for student teachers, in co-operation with the Faculty of Education and other faculties.
  3. To participate actively pedagogical research, development and experimental projects, together with researchers in local,  national and international level. 
  4. To provide in-service training for teachers, principals and administrators.